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Hot Pursuit™ – HEDIS® Chart Abstraction Solutions

Hot Pursuit Medical Record Abstraction (PDF)

Our exclusive Hot PursuitTM Chart Review Management software and services deliver superior results for Hybrid Chart Abstraction projects. Hot Pursuit enhances the quality and efficiency of abstracting medical records with a focus on flexibility, accessibility, security and predictability.

Using APS Hot Pursuit technology, medical record data and chart images are captured offline by Abstractors using notebook computers and portable scanners. Scanned and annotated charts and data can be accessed online, making chart documentation readily available for internal review and audit purposes. Hot Pursuit can be deployed as Software or a Service to meet your specific needs and existing resources:

Software: Stand-Alone Hot Pursuit software leverages integrated processes and innovative technology to provide complete and accurate data for key Measures and Metrics in accordance with HEDIS and NCQA Standards. It comes complete with team licenses for the premiere Chart Abstraction tool in the industry, as well as training and support for your team.

Service: Full-Service Outsourcing Services includes all required staffing and resources along with Hot Pursuit software tools for implementation and execution. APS offers unsurpassed Chart Abstraction and Medical Record Review services as well as a complete package of HEDIS Reporting services – we’re one of few vendors that can deliver both - and do them well.

Hot Pursuit’s innovative core technology leverages integrated processes that combine Claims, Physician chart and related patient data to provide complete, accurate data for key Measures and Metrics in accordance with HEDIS and NCQA Standards. To achieve the best results possible, Hot Pursuit incorporates these Web-based modules.


A Records Collection and Tracking system that electronically requests charts, records the receipt of requested documents, and attach chart images to appropriate abstraction records. Automatic logging of events and status eliminates the need for costly, error-prone manual documentation, or attempts to reconstruct work records.

On-Site Scheduling

Software that simplifies the task of assignment, scheduling and tracking on-site appointments to review on-site records. This module provides detailed information to management about reviewers’ workloads and schedules.

APS Full-Service Medical Review Outsourcing delivers solid results. Our Chart Review Team is unsurpassed in record abstraction experience and expertise.
We deliver results on time and on budget, routinely passing HEDIS audits at 100%. Our Full-Service Chart Abstraction Outsourcing includes:

  • Management of the entire chart review project by an APS project manager
  • Engagement of highly skilled, APS-trained reviewers
  • Data collection and scanning using Hot Pursuit software
  • Inter-Rater Reliability performance monitoring to ensure that quality standards are consistently met
  • Analysis of rates on a periodic basis during the project
  • Providing NCQA auditors full documentation, e.g. Section 4 of the NCQA Road Map, screen prints, training manuals, convenience sample final audit sample.

Hot Pursuit Features and Benefits.

  • A Robust reporting package
  • Scanning feature with annotation and mark-up capabilities
  • Automatic calculation of HEDIS results
  • Records and chart images are securely encrypted.
  • On-line edits to facilitate increased accuracy and completeness, boosting productivity
  • Full bi-directional data synchronization/replication to/from notebook computers
  • Built-in Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) feedback functionality
  • Support of multiple provider locations to achieve desired chase parameters
  • Ability to access any record by member, provider, location or measure
  • Fast software installation processes with seamless Auto-Update functionality
  • On-site abstractors get immediate data capture requirements feedback to guide them
HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).