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The Data Warehouse Solution

APS database development and data warehousing is proactive.

Gain leverage from a warehouse structure that was designed specifically for health care. QMLinx has been evolving based on client needs since 1995. We assure a quick, smooth implementation. We make it work for you, with reliable results.

And that's just the beginning. You can count on many of these features from APS database development:

Analytically Optimized Data Structure - intelligently denormalized, summarized, and proxy-keyed for health care analysis
Data Integrity - e.g. identification and correction of data errors and omissions; aggregation of segmented data into medical encounters
Quality Control - reporting and monitoring routines for validating the data during the data load process
Automated Data Warehouse Load Process from Disparate Sources
Aggregated Source Data - e.g. health information system, legacy systems, pharmacy, laboratory, vision, dental, behavioral health, CHDP, immunization registry, etc.
MetaVariables™ to Facilitate Analysis - e.g. chronic conditions, catastrophic case levels, client-defined custom procedure or diagnosis codes, "event" identifiers like sentinel events, enrollment, dis-enrollment, facility admission, discharge, re-admission, emergency room visit, and so on
Open Database Design - For direct access by analytical and statistical staff as well as for rapidly developed customized solutions
HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).